Application Process

BRIDGES alumni facilitating the February 20, 2019 Information Session

Please make sure to review the application process outlined below carefully. Thank you for your interest.

The Application Process (2024)

All UNC Charlotte employees interested in the BRIDGES program should apply directly through the Chapel Hill BRIDGES website. UNC Charlotte’s process is informed by Chapel Hill’s process.

To be considered for the UNC Charlotte Provost’s Scholarship for BRIDGES, you must first apply for BRIDGES at the Chapel Hill level. UNC Charlotte candidates from Academic Affairs who are selected at the Chapel Hill level to attend BRIDGES will be eligible for the UNC Charlotte Provost’s Scholarship.

Step 1

Speak with your department head or manager about financial support for attending the BRIDGES program.

Officially apply for BRIDGES through the BRIDGES Executive Committee in Chapel Hill. The BRIDGES program application must be received by May 15, 2024. The UNC Chapel Hill BRIDGES Executive Committee then selects a group of BRIDGES participants from Colleges and Universities across North Carolina by June 14, 2024.

Application Tips

  • Stay within the parameters for the essay and resume/CV (e.g. page length, font size).
  • Tailor resume to include related experiences such as leadership.
  • Ask recommenders to specifically address the criteria detailed on the application website.
  • If you know a former BRIDGES participant, consider asking them to be a recommender.
  • Keep the overall theme, program description, and topics covered each weekend in mind when responding to the essay prompts.

Step 2

If you are selected to attend BRIDGES, alert your department head or manager and request funding to support your participation in the program.

Step 3

For those in the Division of Academic Affairs, if you do not have funding support or are not sure if you will have funding, the next step is to apply for consideration for the UNC Charlotte Provost’s Scholarship for BRIDGES. See application section below for details about the process.

Notes on Selection:
The Provost has committed to sponsoring at least one employee annually from Academic Affairs. The committee will forward one choice from Academic Affairs to the Provost’s office for funding.

The committee will also notify other University divisions of strong applicants and request these units support their formal application to the UNC Chapel Hill BRIDGES Executive Committee.

Sources of Funding

The BRIDGES program cost is approximately $2,500, which includes all instruction and educational materials. If selected to attend by the UNC Chapel Hill BRIDGES Executive Committee, participants will need to pay the registration fee by July 15, 2024.

Sources of funding include:

  • The Provost sponsors one participant from Academic Affairs
  • Individual division, college, or department funding
  • Individual funding by the participant


The online UNC Charlotte application for The Provost’s Scholarship will be sent directly to UNC Charlotte candidates who are selected to participate in BRIDGES at by the Chapel Hill Executive Committee. All who apply for The Provost’s Scholarship will be notified of their status by June 30, 2024.